Marcus Peters recalls practicing against the “amazing” rookie Patrick Mahomes

When Patrick Mahomes was a rookie, no one knew how great a quarterback he would become. But Marcus Peters had a pretty good idea.

Peters, the Ravens cornerback who will play against Mahomes on Monday night, was on the 2017 Chiefs when Mahomes spent the season backing up veteran Alex Smith. Peters says he knew then what everyone knows now: Mahomes is special.

“I remember when he first started throwing the no-look passes at practice,” Peters said, via “The dude is amazing. . . . I respect somebody who loves the game like Mahomes does.”

The next year, Peters was traded to the Rams and played against Mahomes in a Monday night classic. Mahomes threw for 478 yards and six touchdowns, but Peters also intercepted a pass in an epic that the Rams won 54-51. Football fans can only hope we see another game that good when Peters and Mahomes meet again on Monday night.